Build on Bitcoin. Instantly.

Set up enterprise-grade infrastructure in less than two minutes

Trusted by industry leaders

Instant access to instant payments

Run one or hundreds of nodes on Voltage with our plug & play design with our fully exposed APIs and SDKs.

Lightning nodes

Production-ready and built for scale.

Bitcoin Nodes

Quickly get direct access to the blockchain.


Fully exposed application APIs to build any experience.

Insanely fast scaling

Easily scale your Bitcoin infrastructure to fit your business needs. Access instant liquidity, improve payment reliability, optimize accounting, or outsource management to 
Voltage experts with our enterprise solutions.


Channels & liquidity management


Payments & operations optimization


Outsource management to Voltage experts

24/7 Customer Support
SOC2 Type II Compliance
Unlimited Infrastructure
Uptime SLA
Your Open Source Companion

Access any and all LND compatible services, directly from your own node.

Create wallets, accept payments, manage order flows, build checkout pages, verify your Nostr presence, get zapped and give zaps to customize your users experience.

BTCPay Server

Bitcoin payment processor


Zaps, Lightning Addresses & NIP05s

Lightning Terminal

Lightning Pool, Lightning Loop, Faraday & Taproot Assets


For every level of business

From solo developer all the way to enterprise—Voltage can support you with cutting-edge technology.

50k API Credits
1 User
Community Support
2 Compute Credits
Standard Node
250k API Credits
2 Users
1 BTCPay Account
Ticket Support
Most Popular
10 Compute Credits
Pro Node
1M API Credits
5 Users
1 BTCPay Account
Ticket Support
30 Compute Credits
Multiple Nodes
5M API Credits
10 Users
1 BTCPay Account
Ticket + Slack Support
For organizations that need custom throughput and world-class support
24/7 Customer Support
Unlimited API Calls
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Credits
Complete Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure SLA
SOC2 Certification
Dedicated & Isolated Environments
Custom Solutions
Ticket + Slack Support

No hassle. No matter the workload or business type.

Financial Services

Process payments anywhere, anytime, in real time.

Streaming Payments

Let customers pay as they go, listen, watch, or read.


Built real reward systems paid out in real money.

Block Sourcing

Build powerful wallet experiences with real time network data.


Be your own bank with little to no management overhead.

Mobile Apps

Instantly integrate self-custodial Bitcoin Lightning payments.

Industry Leader

You can expect industry standard security, encryption, and incentives that truly empower your business needs and demands.

SOC2 Certified Security

Voltage is SOC2 Type II certified. Your networks, firewalls, and access controls are always up to privacy and security standards.

Non-Custodial by Design

Voltage is fully client side encrypted. Voltage never has access to your seed phrases or funds.

No Vendor Lock-In

Our tools are fully compatible with LND FOSS enabled software and wholly configurable to your business needs.

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