Fully managed Lightning

Our Enterprise tier is everything you need to effortlessly adopt the Lightning Network. You get all the tools bundled with an expert operator.

Managed Service

Leverage our team of experts ready to assist you in creating and operating your Lightning stack. You get a pilot in the cockpit to get to production faster.

Custom Solutions

We're an extension of your engineering team. We'll be able to help you debug problems, architect solutions, or generate custom insights. We're here for whatever you need.


Included in the Enterprise tier is a BTCPay Server store to easily access and manage all the Point of Sale features necessary for a Bitcoin eCommerce Business.


Get a 360 degree view of your node without lifting a finger. All the features of Surge are included with every Enterprise tier so you can get the full picture of your node easily.


Every Enterprise tier customer gets a Professional Node included. These nodes are created for production workloads and are made to scale to any use case.


Don't waste time trying to manage liquidity and finding adequate peers. Let our team provide you with the necessary liquidity for your team to hit your objectives.

Why Choose Voltage

Don't reinvent the wheel

Scale your business faster by always knowing what your node is doing. Find quick solutions to potential problems, manage your channels and peers.


Starting from the ground up will waste time and effort.

Expensive development team
Finding reliable Lightning talent is challenging. Don't waste time and money finding the necessary talent.
Maintenance Burden
After you're up and running, there's still a significant burden to maintain the infrastructure and monitoring.
Slow process
Starting from scratch takes much longer and seemingly always comes with unexpected hurdle.

With Voltage Enterprise

Launch faster and easier by leveraging our building blocks.

Launch faster
Start using Surge in just a few minutes with easy installation and simple documentation
Effortless integration
Our team will help integrate your systems with Lightning. We can help your team understand and execute.
Infinite scale
We are ready to handle your scale. We can grow with you from idea to production, no matter the size.
For organizations that need custom throughput and world-class support
24/7 Customer Support
Unlimited API Calls
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Credits
Complete Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure SLA
SOC2 Certification
Dedicated & Isolated Environments
Custom Solutions
Ticket + Slack Support

Start Building on Bitcoin Now