Nostr Toolkit

Connect your Lightning node to your Nostr profile

Create your own NIP05 username, get Zaps to your own Lightning node and use your NIP05 as a Lightning Address.


If you love complexity, you will love not using NIP05 or a lightning address.

Confusing npub
No one will remember an npub which makes it challenging to tag and communicate with others.
Custodial Zaps
Currently, 95% ~ of zaps go to custodial wallets which introduce counterparty risk.
Using long character strings for unique invoices.

With Voltage

Create a better Nostr experience for yourself and your follows.

NIP05 Domain
Create your own username on the domain.
Self-custodial Zaps
Receive zaps to your own node! Do not rely on centralized 3rd parties.
Lightning Address
Use your NIP05 address as a lightning address.


Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

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Do I have to use the Voltage generated nostr private key?

No. You can bring your own npub to register your NIP-05 enabled LNaddress.

What is NIP-05?

A NIP-05 ID is a simple identifier for your public key that looks similar to an email address, making it easier to find and recognize your profile on Nostr. It simplifies account identification and comes with a verified checkmark!

Can I have multiple Lightning Addresses on my one Lightning Node?

Yes you can register multiple Lightning addresses and NIP-05's on a single lightning node you just need to use a unique nym for each one and different npubs.

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