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Voltage gives us the tools to easily manage our nodes and helps us guarantee frictionless lightning payouts to our users immediately, after the approval of their first transaction, no matter how small the reward. We are on a mission to onboard millions of new users to Bitcoin and we think it is crucial that they learn and develop a habit of self-custodying their bitcoin (even with smaller amounts). We are confident that Voltage will continue to be a valuable partner in helping us achieve our mission.
Tom Chojnacki, Co-Founder
There is a war on time. Jack could easily train people up, but it's so time-consuming. We would need to train or hire someone. Voltage doesn’t need healthcare or get sick. From my perspective, the cost savings and general business efficiencies are worth the costs.
Desiree Dickerson, CEO
We need reliable and stable infrastructure. I just want to focus on my business and pay you guys money to provide this for me. I believe we can grow alongside each other, just like the web did with AWS. This gives us a faster time to market new products and the ability to focus on our core product and experience. There are benefits to using a service like Voltage.
Flip Abagnale, Founder
Voltage allows us to quickly deploy nodes, to get a better sense of whats going on in the Lightning Network. Saving us time and engineering resources. We were on AWS, but now with integrations like Thunderhub and LNbits, it helps us even more because it doesn't take away resources from us focusing on Amboss.
Jesse Shrader, Co-Founder
I can sleep at night knowing the node is going to be up. I have several at home, something is always going wrong. I love the Voltage architecture and access.
Adam Curry, "The Podfather"

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