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Learn how Voltage helps THNDR Games scale its cloud infrastructure in a non-custodial way so the company can maximize Bitcoin and Lightning Network capabilities to grow its business.

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THNDR Games is on a mission to bring Bitcoin to the world through mobile games. Established in 2019, THNDR Games is a mobile gaming studio and leader in play-to-win Bitcoin games.

THNDR breaks the mold of conventional gaming, which leaves all rewards and winnings in-game, and gives users the ability to withdraw their value and use it as they desire. By integrating Lightning Network into games THNDR has given their users optionality to instantaneously withdraw rewards to the real world.

The Objective

As a mobile game development company focused on playing-to-win Bitcoin, THNDR Games wanted to make onboarding users to Bitcoin as easy as possible.

The team was looking for an efficient way to manage their infrastructure while also giving users no minimum thresholds to withdraw earnings. The company needed a solution that did not require provisioning a server or messing with configurations, and that offered a low time commitment to set up.

Being able to achieve the above would give the company and the end users autonomy. The company could focus on building great software, and end users can have the capability to withdraw from games unlike ever before.

The Challenge

There were two main challenges that THNDR Games faced:

  1. Operational efficiency in setting up infrastructure and maintenance over time
  2. Providing a non-custodial solution for customers to handle their earnings and withdraws

If they chose to handle infrastructure internally, the operational costs and maintenance would begin eating into their bottom line and require overhead and the need to scale their team, ultimately removing the core focus on their product and what they were trying to achieve. If they chose to implement a custodial solution, that would have hindered the powerful benefits that Bitcoin provides while creating withdrawal thresholds, which manifest a negative user experience for customers.

The Solution

Voltage simplified architecture by removing the need for dedicated internal resources and significantly reduced the time to scale the company's growth needs. Voltage also provided a non-custodial option for payouts so that THNDR Games could uphold their belief in allowing customers to access their winnings when they choose. This architecture offered the team flexibility to focus on their software while giving customers the ability to cash out any amount of winnings as they saw fit. 

“What I love about Voltage is that they let us be true to our values and our community.”
Desiree Dickerson, Chief Executive Officer

The Results

The solution gives THNDR Games further capabilities when it comes to their software. The company attains all of the benefits that make Bitcoin great and the full features of the Lightning Network. THNDR Games users have a flawless experience when it comes to managing their winnings and taking custody of the Bitcoin they earn within the mobile games.

Non-custodial node infrastructure with Voltage also provides the company data and insights they would not have from a custodial solution. THNDR Games is capable of seeing what percentage of winnings are cashed out to certain regions of the world and wallet types. This anecdotal data is powerful for decision making and optimization of user experience which allows for faster scalability and internal decision making. The value of the solution allows the team to focus purely on the software and user experience of their games.

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There is a war on time. Jack could easily train people up, but it's so time-consuming. We would need to train or hire someone. Voltage doesn’t need healthcare or get sick. From my perspective, the cost savings and general business efficiencies are worth the costs.
Desiree Dickerson, CEO
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