Voltage Nodes

Bitcoin Lightning nodes, production-ready in two minutes

Access the full power of Bitcoin with self-custodial Lightning nodes running securely on Voltage. Instantly ready for scale. Free for 7 days.

Trusted by industry leaders

100% bitcoin. 0% hassle.

You take care of building, Voltage takes care of the rest. Enjoy enterprise grade security by SOC2 certified professionals, 99.9% uptime, auto network management and firewalls, one-click updates and more.

Instant Liquidity

Voltage nodes are ready when you are. Access instant liquidity and just in time channels with Flow.

In-Depth Analysis

Stop worrying about payment reliability. Optimize channel management and payment success with Surge.

Connect to Any Service

Connect to any Bitcoin service directly from your node. Create Lightning Addresses, receive Zaps, and more.

Always Online.
Always In Control.

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99.9% Uptime

Remain always reachable without the management overhead.


Run nodes just like on your own hardware 
with gRPC and REST.

Lightning Terminal

Access Lightning Pool, Lightning Loop, Faraday and Taproot Assets.

Encrypted Backups

Backup Seeds and Macaroons with powerful AES-256 encryption.

Webhook Support

Never miss an update by utilizing webhook notifications.

Mobile Access

Easily connect your node to mobile clients
for remote access.

Tor Support

Get your Voltage Lightning Node running behind Tor.

No Vendor Lock-In

Migrate your node whenever and wherever you like.

We offer Lightning nodes in multiple sizes to fit your budget and workload.

Standard Node
Made for small projects and testing.
2 Compute Credits
Professional Node
Made for business critical workloads.
10 Compute Credits


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Does Voltage have access to any funds on my Lightning Node?

No, your node is encrypted client side with a password that we do not store or have access to.

Does Voltage have any spending or receiving limits?

No. Your node is yours and there is no limit to the amount you can send or receive.

Does Voltage have commerce solutions so I can use my node to accept payments?

Yes, BTCPay Server is included with every plan Starter and above. External services such as Shopify can be used at no additional cost.

Why should I run a Lightning Node with Voltage?

Voltage provides near perfect uptime, and one click updates making management of your infrastructure easy and intuitive. Along with a dedicated support team, a Lightning Node on Voltage is the industry leading bitcoin infrastructure solution.

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