Bitcoin Nodes

Power institutional Bitcoin infrastructure

Bitcoin nodes on Voltage are the easiest way to set up institutional-grade Bitcoin infrastructure with our fully customizable, plug & play design.

Example UI of Mango Bank, backed by a Voltage Bitcoin Core node

Run your enterprise on
Bitcoin in no time.

Integrating Bitcoin into your enterprise should be easy. Voltage Bitcoin nodes charge your business with the full power of the Bitcoin network, without the management overhead.

Seamless Integration

Get started on Bitcoin instantly

Always up to date

Update your node with the click of a button

Infrastructure out of the box

Minimize your engineering overhead

100% customizability. 0% stress.

Customize your Bitcoin node in one place.

Connect directly to Bitcoin.

100% API Compatibility

Voltage Bitcoin nodes work with your favorite open source projects.

Multi-network support

Run Bitcoin Core nodes on mainnet, testnet, and mutinynet.

All endpoints out of the box

Get access to ZMQ, RPC, and REST endpoints.

“I've been a Voltage customer since shortly after their launch, and I have had the pleasure of knowing many of the team for years. From their depth of understanding of Lightning to the care and polish they apply to their products and customer experience, I've been nothing less than impressed.”

Shawn Yeager

Head of Sales


We offer Bitcoin Core nodes in a variety of forms to fit your budget and workload

Pruned Node (10GB)
5 Compute Credits
Full Node
15 Compute Credits


Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

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Which bitcoin networks do you support?

On Voltage, you can have a Bitcoin Core node on mainnet, testnet, and mutinynet.

Can I change networks after launching a Bitcoin Core node?

No, our Bitcoin Core nodes can not switch networks after creation. However, you can easily stop and delete a node then make a new node on the network of choice (or run more than one node on different networks.)

What are the differences between a pruned node and a full node?

A full node maintains a complete copy of the Bitcoin blockchain. Our pruned nodes only maintain the most recent 10GB. The best choice depends on what you plan to use your node for. For example, if you are primarily looking at mempool activity (unconfirmed transactions) a pruned node may be sufficient. If you need access to a lot of historical data on the blockchain, then you may need a full node.

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