Surge Analytics

Know your node.

Monitor your node's performance with Surge from Voltage to increase payment reliability and optimize your operations.


All operations in one place

Scale your business faster by always knowing what your node is doing. Find quick solutions to potential problems, use fee and reliability recommendations to better manage your channels, and receive automated alerts for downtimes and low liquidity.

Channel Statuses

Analyze channel capacities

Downtime Alerts

Get prompt alerts when your node is down

Instant Liquidity

Receive alerts for low liquidity

Peer Management

Analyse peer reliability

A table with info on lightning node peers
How we stack up

DIY vs. Surge for node analytics

Scale your business faster by always knowing what your node is doing. Find quick solutions to potential problems, manage your channels and peers.


Spend weeks creating and configuring systems that will require maintenance and upgrades forever.

Slow Setup
It takes weeks for a team to create the necessary tooling for Lightning.
Maintenance Burden
Your team gets bogged down with endless updates and fixes.
Wasted Time
Engineering resources could be better spent on building your products.
High Cost
Usage can get out of hand which will result in large bills and unexpected costs.

With Surge

You can let your team focus on your product and leave all of the hard work to us.

Simple Setup
Start using Surge in just a few minutes with easy installation and simple documentation
Zero Maintenance
Virtually no maintenance for your team to worry about. Set it and forget it.
Save Time
Let your team get back to work instead of wasting hours watching your node.
Low Cost
Save money by letting us handle the monitoring with predictable pricing.

Flexible, pay-per-use pricing

Surge processes data points from your lightning node to deliver useful analytics. 
Every data point consumes 1 API credit from your team.



Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

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Does Surge cost extra?

Surge consumes API credits which are included in your plan. It is highly recommended for everyone to turn it on to enable the ability to find information and data regarding your Lightning Node.

Is Surge available outside of Voltage?

Surge is only available for those running a Lightning Node on Voltage.

What makes Surge special?

Surge saves historical data which allows you see at a glance the health of your channels, up time of your peers, and much more over a time period.

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