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Voltage helped create a frictionless lightning payout for their users. With operational improvements, increased uptime and node insights the engineering team can focus on accelerating organizational growth.

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Instant Cashback and Loyalty Rewards is upgrading classic cashback and loyalty rewards by helping shoppers save in Bitcoin. By enabling instant payouts, privacy-focused design, and simplified shopping from a browser extension, users can get sats back with a single click.

The Objective objective was to bring a Bitcoin rewards platform to market in Europe. America had options like Fold and Lolli, yet no provider was available in the European markets. Creating an incredible user experience started with finding the easiest way to enable lightning withdrawals for their users. The team did not want to have to excessively hire lightning engineers and infrastructure managers, so they sought out an all-in-one solution for their needs.

Enabling users to take possession of their rewards was core to the mission of Traditional financial infrastructure inhibits the ability to allow micro-denominated and instant withdrawals. Bitcoin and the Lightning Network enable for instant and private withdrawal of rewards.

The Challenge

Initially, was running infrastructure within their office on a local server. Locally managing infrastructure does not meet the professional experience consumers have grown to expect. Their team was having to constantly manage software updates, networking issues, and handling node downtime. Any downtime or reliability issues would translate to a degraded user experience and complications when withdrawing their rewards. needed to:

  • Operationally Improve - enable lightning withdrawals without increasing overhead and operational costs. It was estimated 12-16 hours a month were returned to the team.
  • Improve Uptime - Replacing local infrastructure with a cloud solution that gave their team the capability to focus fully on their product and customer experience.
  • Gather Node Insights - More data with better insights creates a better customer experience. 

The Solution

The Voltage platform offered an easy way to integrate Lightning into its product. By making it simple and fast to create the infrastructure they need; was able to migrate to Voltage with no downtime and little effort.

After upgraded to Voltage, they were able to leverage Voltage’s support team to quickly get answers and assistance whenever they needed it further allowing their engineering team to focus on their applications features and customer experience.

Finally, started leveraging Surge to get increased insights out of their node, ultimately helping drive better capital allocation decision-making. By moving to Voltage, Satsback was able to essentially have an entire Lightning team at their fingertips without requiring new hires.

The Results

The team was able to return 12+ hours monthly to lead engineers on the team. Uptime has also increased exponentially thanks to Voltage's cloud hosting solution. was able to offer their users a non-custodial solution that enables the capability to withdraw the smallest fraction of Bitcoin.

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Voltage gives us the tools to easily manage our nodes and helps us guarantee frictionless lightning payouts to our users immediately, after the approval of their first transaction, no matter how small the reward. We are on a mission to onboard millions of new users to Bitcoin and we think it is crucial that they learn and develop a habit of self-custodying their bitcoin (even with smaller amounts). We are confident that Voltage will continue to be a valuable partner in helping us achieve our mission.
Tom Chojnacki, Co-Founder
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