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Learn how Voltage helped Amboss deploy reliable infrastructure so growth and feature improvements could be the focus of the team in their early stages

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Lightning Network Explorer, helping decentralized actors coordinate

Amboss is a Lightning Network explorer company that supplies high-quality data and visualizations to lightning node operators. Established in April of 2020, Amboss helps decentralized economic players coordinate on the Lightning Network. Amboss aims to help node operators make better decisions on what to do with their capital.

The Objective

Amboss relies on receiving network information through peer-to-peer "gossip" between lightning nodes. This information is then indexed and displayed on the Amboss explorer. Being able to receive a constant stream of high-quality data with high uptime enables Amboss to provide their core service: helping users coordinate and make good decisions on the Lightning Network.

As a lightning-first company, Amboss receives all customer payments as lightning payments. High uptime and reliability is critical for any business that receives lightning payments only. The objective was for Voltage nodes to help supply the data that Amboss provides, while also providing critical payment infrastructure that allows Amboss to thrive.

In addition to seeking reliable infrastructure, Amboss sought a way to reach more customers. With apps like Thunderhub available to Voltage customers, Amboss can further its integration in Thunderhub, enabling a very smooth experience for node operators to take advantage of Amboss features like one-click logins, fetching peer contact info, and future premium services.

Analyzed gossip info helps the Lightning Network become more coordinated and, in turn, helps the Lightning Network grow with intelligence. Receiving payments is critical to building a sustainable business for Amboss while helping the network stay coordinated.

The Challenge

Amboss is an early-stage startup with a total team of four and limited resources. If Amboss chose to run their own node infrastructure with AWS, they would have needed to hire a DevOps expert. As an early startup, it can be difficult to hire a deeply technical role like DevOps due to the high costs and demand for the position. This poses an organizational challenge. The Amboss team also needs a fast and easy way for new users to be onboarded to the Lightning Network. With Raspberry Pi’s in short supply, running a node can be complex for individuals, especially when thinking about employing a custom hardware alternative to the Raspberry Pi

Amboss needed to:

  • Simplify Node Management -  save on time, maintenance, and hiring costs.
  • Reduce Complexity - connecting nodes with apps can be complex. By eliminating node infrastructure management, they can focus on their business products.
  • Expediting Lightning Node Growth - Amboss needs more users to join the Lightning Network. If individuals do not run their own nodes, Amboss’ customer pool is limited in growth.

The Solution

Voltage helped Amboss strategically approach node management, application integration, and managing node uptime. Voltage's hosted node solution helps Amboss lower costs and reduces the headache of management to achieve reliable infrastructure.

By using Voltage, Amboss does not have to go through node training and education to help users set up a physical node. Voltage hosted node solution reduces the top-of-funnel customer acquisition costs and makes it easier for new customers to use their product. Voltage is also a direct funnel to Thunderhub, where Amboss integrates its services.

The Results

Voltage made it possible for Amboss to jump-start the organization. By reducing infrastructure-focused positions on their team, Amboss was able to hire two Backend Engineers. This also gave Amboss the time and focus to build out MAGMA, one of their latest product offerings.

Amboss was able to focus on growth and adding new features versus committing resources to self-hosted infrastructure, which allowed them to focus solely on the products and features that they do best and what differentiates them in the Lightning Network ecosystem.

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Voltage allows us to quickly deploy nodes, to get a better sense of whats going on in the Lightning Network. Saving us time and engineering resources. We were on AWS, but now with integrations like Thunderhub and LNbits, it helps us even more because it doesn't take away resources from us focusing on Amboss.
Jesse Shrader, Co-Founder
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