Flow Dashboard Now Available

Flow Dashboard Now Available

Bobby Shell
Bobby Shell

December 7, 2021

When we first announced the Flow API we had a great response from developers. Now, we are making it usable for everyone. Anyone who runs an LND node can now use Flow to acquire liquidity from quality nodes. Getting sufficient inbound liquidity has often been the most difficult aspect of running a new lightning node. Lightning Labs' liquidity auction service, Pool, sought to alleviate a lot of these friction points. However, using Pool alone requires accounts with the auction service and other setup processes.

With the Flow dashboard, every node runner now has the power to generate their own redemption tickets to directly interact with the Pool service without any friction points. Not only is this powerful for an individual, but Flow can also be used to purchase channels for your friends or family that may be starting their own nodes or need liquidity themselves. Further, the tickets generated by Flow can also be given out as prizes or rewards as well. The possibilities are endless.

On the Flow dashboard, you’re able to see the current market data from Pool, as well as a list of your own previous orders. Now you’re able to use a simple interface to enter the size of the channel you want, how much should be on your side, and optionally set your BPS rate. Easily pay the small fee and then claim your sidecar ticket. Using Pool just got very easy!

Thanks to everyone who used the API Beta and helped make this product great. We are thrilled to make the dashboard available to all users of Lightning. Do you run an Umbrel, Raspiblitz, MyNode? Any implementation that has Lightning Terminal available or has access to the Pool command line can redeem the tickets generated by Flow. This is made for all LND node runners and not only those hosted by Voltage.

Flow is made for the masses. Cheers to the early adopters. Let’s bring in the next wave of node runners and continue to make Lightning great.

If you have any questions or comments either email us at, use our live on-site chat, or join us on Discord. ⚡️

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