FOSS Fridays #10

FOSS Fridays #10

Bobby Shell
Bobby Shell

August 30, 2022

Engineer Sam worked on his lnd-grpc-client project in Python. Right now, the configuration options (such as host for connecting to an lnd lightning node) are set in environment variables. Sam made a tool to make it possible to easily set the config options using the project lnd-grpc-client cli.

Frontend engineer Paul continued working on the privacy-minded lightning wallet Mutiny (formerly known as PLN). He's been working on the design, including gradients, styling the buttons, and playing with the font.

VP of Marketing Bobby has been working on his routing node, which is now ranked among the top 1000 nodes. He also sold his first channel and earned 5000 sats using the channel liquidity marketplace Magma.

Frontend engineer Brandon continued working on his website, allowing video hosters to charge micropayments for how many seconds they watch the video. He opened a channel to his Voltage node. And he ripped out the custodial backend for non-custodial lnbits. The next step is to use lnbits to generate a lnurl static invoice. "This project will probably spill into the weekend," he said.

CEO and co-founder Graham set up an Eye of Satoshi watchtower. Watchtowers are a third-party service that holds a user's encrypted lightning data and responds (and punishes) faulty counterparty closures where a counterparty tries to redeem more money than they're owed. He's waiting for someone with a CLN node to test it. He also got the Lightning Terminal running in Voltage. Using LT you can use Lightning Node Connect to connect to a Lightning node. LT can be used to manage liquidity of a node

UI/UX designer Nick worked on designing potential presentation screens for upcoming Voltage webinars

Voltage's channel opener is a new feature added to the platform which allows users with Voltage nodes to open a channel with the click of a buttton. Engineer Taylor made a Slackbot for notifying engineers when new channels gain confirmations from the Bitcoin network. Before, users would need to watch a website such as to see when a channel had enough confirmations to open up.

Head of Operations Kim is helping with the organizing of TABConf, a technical bitcoin conference taking place in Atlanta in October. The press kit she's been working on went live, which has brand assets for media outlets that might want to cover the conference. It also has a slideshow covering the mission and history of the conferenc

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