FOSS Friday #6 at Voltage

FOSS Friday #6 at Voltage

Alyssa Hertig
Alyssa Hertig

June 17, 2022

Open source is an essential piece of Bitcoin. Our bitcoin-focused team loves open-source, and we want to give back to the open-source realm. So, every other Friday, the Voltage crew spends the day working on whatever open source projects they choose, as our CEO Graham explained in an earlier blog post

All that said, let's jump into what the Voltage team crafted last FossFriday.

CEO Graham has been testing using the bitcoind backend for Voltage's lightning infrastructure. He's been also testing lnd 0.15.0 as the official release approaches so that once it's released, we're ready to add it to the Voltage platform.

Frontend developer Paul has been experimenting with Lightning Lab's new lnc-web npm module, which makes it easier to connect to a Lightning node via the web browser. But he ran into some issues with building the software. His goal is to build a little "Node Destroyer" app that closes all the user's channels.

Paul also noted that frontend developer Adrien had a "more useful" idea, for an app where users would create a shareable link to open channels to a node. The user would just need to input their lnc passphrase into the app to retrieve a link.

We'll see where these projects lead once the issues with lnc-web are resolved!

Always the busy bee, Paul also has been continuing work on designing a frontend for MiniMint, a privacy-minded custodial bitcoin wallet that's currently in progress.

Engineer Sam has been exploring BDK python, bindings for BDK, a rust library for writing . He started a draft PR to improve the tests and build process. He also learned about signing commits on git.

Engineer Alyssa submitted a PR to Rust Teos for requiring mtls when using the CLI. (If anyone else would like to review it wink wink :)) She also further explored "lsats" as a way to pay a watchtower for its services.

Samourai Wallet is a privacy-minded Bitcoin wallet that offers people a way to "CoinJoin," their coins, or essentially mix them with other people's coins to make it hard to track where the coins came from. Engineer Alex submitted a PR to spruce up the frontend page for connecting to the CLI.

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