FOSS Friday Update - March 15, 2024

FOSS Friday Update - March 15, 2024

Stephen DeLorme
Stephen DeLorme

March 21, 2024

Here's an update from the Voltage team on the latest FOSS Friday.

What is FOSS Friday?

FOSS Friday is our bi-weekly innovation day at Voltage! On these days, our team dives into the exciting world of FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software). Why, you may ask? Well, Bitcoin and the Lightning network, the very core of our work, are open-source technology. 

As a bitcoin infrastructure company, we don't just use open source; we actively contribute to it. This is a symbiotic relationship for us: by contributing to these projects, we can do our part to bolster the Bitcoin ecosystem while uncovering fresh, innovative ideas.

What did we do?

Doppler Mutinynet Support (Work in Progress)

Doppler is a domain-specific language for Lightning that enables developers to experiment with and test against various Lightning implementations easily. Taylor put some attention on integrating the Mutinynet signet into Doppler. Why is this cool? It could streamline live demos and workshops, especially in places with spotty internet. Instead of cumbersome docker downloads, attendees could effortlessly tap into cloud Mutinynet nodes. A game-changer for speedy, seamless Lightning development! 🌩️


w3irdrobot began work on an issue for LNDK. LNDK is a project that aims to implement BOLT 12 support externally to LND. LNDK is a rust project built using the Lightning Dev Kit. By running it alongside your LND instance, you get to play with cool features like reusable payment requests ("offers").

Fun fact: LNDK is also being worked on by Voltage alumni Alyssa Hertig. 🙌

NOAA Data Pipeline

noaa-data-pipeline is a project from Taylor that serves as a data pipeline from the vast database of NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  You can see it in action live at Taylor had some adventures migrating this project from a Raspberry Pi to a cloud server! 😬

Bitcoin QR Component

Brandon Lucas began work on a UI component library that will render a bitcoin on-chain address or lightning invoice as a QR code, and poll to check for payment status. This would be a useful tool to help developers get up and running building lightning apps, as presenting an invoice and checking payment status is one of the most common features that needs to be built. He also used this as an opportunity to experiment with web components, as they would allow for this package to be usable by many different frontend frameworks. 🧪

Create Voltage App

Joāo and Justin have been coding up a storm, crafting a command-line tool to conjure lightning web apps connected to your Voltage node in a flash. More on this soon. 😉

That’s all for this week!

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