Lightning Infrastructure - API’s used to build Lightning Apps “LApps”

Lightning Infrastructure - API’s used to build Lightning Apps “LApps”

Bobby Shell
Bobby Shell

November 30, 2021

There is a rapidly growing ecosystem for what is referred to as layer 2.5 and layer 3 of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Layer 1 of Bitcoin is deliberately slow for security reasons. This is why we have the innovation of Lightning, and the programmatic layer 2.5 and layer 3. Multiple API providers anchor into Lightning allowing for incredible application development. Lightning infrastructure is just starting to take off. I want to share a few incredible API’s below that should be on your radar.

  • For starters, we have Impervious who is creating the infrastructure for peer-2-peer internet. Imperious has created a Layer 3 that is on top of Lightning, allowing developers to create secure p2p payments and data transmissions. In August of 2021, Impervious put on a Hackathon which we covered in detail with the dev’s video submissions. It is incredible what is being built on Impervious. We are very excited for their future.
  • LNPay is an API that allows you to integrate Lightning into your existing business. With their Wallet API you can start building Lightning Apps. With LNPay you can create paywalls, faucets and more. With a paywall, you can take a quick payment from users for content, and with a faucet, you now have a great way to incentivize users with rewards or sats back!
  • Zebedee has created a next generation API for integrating Bitcoin into gaming. You can send payments within messaging apps like Discord and Telegram, and collect donations within a live stream and more. What I personally have had fun with is playing the game, Sarutobi. You are a little monkey and you sling yourself and collect sats. You can then immediately send the sats to your Zebedee wallet. In my first day I made 200 sats in about 1 hour as I tried to push and see how much I could make. A fun game for a long plane ride. Their most popular game is CS:GO.
  • Galoy is building a secure and hardy solution for companies and banks. Their Banking as a Service (BaaS) product. Their pilot project was Bitcoin Beach. As of today the Galoy “Bitcoin Beach” app has 6,000+ registered users with over 60% of the users using the app weekly.
  • Lastbit has an API and technology platform that connects multiple exchanges globally to Lightning. This allows the movement of funds instantly with various currencies in a near-instant transaction. Two examples of applications that can be built on Lastbit are their Lastbit Lite, which allows users to send Euros instantly via Bitcoin. And Lastbit Cards which lets users pay any online or physical store where Mastercard is accepted with their Lastbit Card.
  • LNbits is a free and open-source lightning wallet. Supporting many Lightning Implementations, you can run it yourself or offer a custodian solution for others as well. Every wallet has its own API keys and there is no limit to how many wallets you can make.
  • Strike API is a popular API allowing payments between fans and creators. Merchants can use it to accept payments from customers globally. Twitter currently integrated the API giving users the option to tip each other.

There are many other API’s and tools being made. With the growth of Lightning development, you will see many new exciting things coming over the next few years.

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