LNbits Now Available on Voltage

LNbits Now Available on Voltage

Graham Krizek
Graham Krizek

June 1, 2022

The wait is over! We've received numerous requests for LNbits to be added to the Voltage platform. Today, we're excited to say that it's here. You can now create an LNbits instance alongside your Lightning node, just like we previously enabled with ThunderHub. This enables even more possibilities when developing applications and services on top of Voltage. We're vigorously working to reduce the complexities of leveraging Lightning. LNbits is another step in that direction.

What is LNbits?

LNbits is a free open-source Lightning accounts system with extensions. With this project, users are easily able to leverage the LNbits APIs, manage Lightning accounts, and gain advanced functionality like LNURL. You can see a full list of extensions on their website. This means developers can gain all of this functionality without leaving Voltage.

Using LNbits on Voltage

Using LNbits on Voltage is so easy. Simply navigate to the Dashboards tab on your node's page, find LNbits right below ThunderHub, and click Create Dashboard. This will start creating your LNbits instance for this node. Once it's ready. You'll have a link to log in to your LNbits instance. These instances are persistent (unlike ThunderHub) and can be used to develop apps on top of your Lightning node!

We can't wait to see what the community builds with this awesome combo on Voltage and LNbits. The possibilities are increasing every day and there's still so much to build. These dashboards are now available to all users and are free to use. Read more at our documentation site or join our Discord to learn more.

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