Node Dashboard Redesign and Billing Update

Node Dashboard Redesign and Billing Update

Graham Krizek
Graham Krizek

April 13, 2022

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally updated our node dashboard site. We are very excited to release an updated dashboard for node management. This brings consistency to our brand and the experience for our customers. Additionally, it brings more reliability and additional features over the previous dashboard. Now users are able to more easily update settings, see command history, and view dashboard status.

We're also releasing a new billing model that makes it easier to get started with Voltage, as well as continuing to use the service. This new version is an ‘arcade style’ billing, you simply deposit some funds and those can be used to run whatever you want. Whether that’s a testnet Lite node, mainnet Standard node, or a BTCPay Server. You simply pay for what you use!


The dashboard for our nodes platform is redesigned to match the rest of our sites. This also comes with some new features like viewing the list of previous commands, displaying a lock status for the dashboard itself, and an easier Settings configuration. Oh, and we almost forgot, Dark Mode! This is the same reliable service that Voltage has always provided with a streamlined new UI.


With our new billing system, we are able to easily accept payments in fiat and Bitcoin. You can seamlessly switch between the two whenever you’d like. You simply deposit some funds and you’re off. You’re also able to set up Auto Pay to easily add credits when your funds are low. Every new account starts off with $10 in free credits so you can test the platform out before committing anything. Additionally, we’ve updated our pricing to run at an hourly rate rather than a flat subscription. This makes running nodes easier than ever and also enables you to easily pay right from your Voltage node.

Any nodes that are currently on the old subscription model will remain there until further notice.

We are excited to continue to iterate on the Voltage platform. This is yet another step towards an easy-to-use platform built of all Lightning use cases. Of course, this is only the beginning and we have a lot more coming soon. In case you missed it, check out our announcement about the future of Voltage.

Also, come hang out with us in our Discord and if you have any issues please contact us at Create your node today!

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