Picnic Group leverages Voltage lightning payments to create deeper community ties

Picnic Group leverages Voltage lightning payments to create deeper community ties

Bobby Shell
Bobby Shell

November 1, 2023

Picnic Groups, the mobile app designed exclusively for group communication and community connectivity, is announcing its Beta program today for Bitcoin payments this week. With three main features - chat groups, news channels, and event registration - Picnic Groups is the all-in-one solution for community engagement.

What is Picnic?

Picnic helps people with similar interests connect and enjoy activities together. This could be basketball, pickleball, board games, cardio activities, and more. Users can start a public chat based on their interests within their location, and other users can chime in, plan events, make suggestions, and invite others.

Payments are important for Picnic because group leaders, instructors, coaches and guides can collect payment easily for their service! There is also a subscription model available.

How Picnic uses Voltage

Picnic Groups uses Voltage for their business lightning node functions for sending, receiving, and routing payments for their group communications operations.

Voltage played a key collaborative role with Velas Commerce and Picnic Groups to launch their product and bring the product to market faster. When building or integrating Bitcoin and Lightning Network experiences it requires a tremendous amount of time to self-manage and update payments to the infrastructure. Voltage helps enterprises expedite this tedious process with our Bitcoin Development Platform. With one-click updates, liquidity, and data solutions, Velas and Picnic can focus on building their product while we handle the challenging maintenance and updates of payments.

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network, a "layer 2" payment protocol built on bitcoin, enables instant settlement payments globally. This peer-to-peer system allows for microtransactions without entrusting customer funds, ensuring they can be withdrawn anytime.

Compared to the high fees associated with proprietary payment processing companies, the Lightning Network is the superior choice for local transactions. Bitcoin payments are now simpler and more convenient than ever, surpassing credit card transactions.

Experience Picnic today

Picnic Group takes security and privacy seriously, incorporating these features into the design of its group chats. Unlike 1:1 messaging tools, there are no public APIs, and bots are strictly prohibited. The app safeguards its ecosystem against scams, spam, and data breaches.

Currently available in English and Spanish, Picnic Groups can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play marketplace. Join the community revolution today in the US, Canada, Spain, and Latin America. Explore the future of community communication with Picnic Groups!

Voltage is thrilled to be alongside Picnic Groups on their mission to create one of the greatest local resources for community groups in Latin America and the US. When you move or travel to a new location, Picnic makes it faster and easier than ever to find relevant solutions from go-to experts. Ask questions, and get answers from the local insiders and more quickly connect with the community you are within.

Learn more here.

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