<strong>Voltage scales Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure with Google Cloud</strong>

<strong>Voltage scales Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure with Google Cloud</strong>

Bobby Shell
Bobby Shell

May 18, 2023

One of the many innovations to come out of the blockchain space is the Lightning Network, a  protocol for sending money on the internet via Bitcoin. Voltage is a Lightning as a Service (LaaS) provider that launched in 2020. Its mission is to provide enterprises with a Lightning Network solution that enables the settlement of real-time payments with near-zero fees, enabling organizations to send and receive payments while creating new experiences and business models.

Voltage serves brands that have payments at the core of their business such as financial or fintech companies that need a solution to save on money transfer costs and cross-border payments, or create micropayment experiences for the web.

Voltage is working with Google Cloud to expand hosting providers and locations. Through this collaboration, customers can create Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes in Google Cloud at a variety of locations around the world. By using Voltage and Google Cloud, customers can deploy their workloads globally via two leading providers.

Voltage helps solve three problems. First, it helps enterprises handle money transfers over the Lightning Network. Second, by using the interoperable Lightning Network standard, businesses can reach a global audience of customers. Finally, Voltage enables microtransactions, which have not been successful with traditional payment methods. Micropayments can be used to improve retention, decrease customer acquisition costs, and increase the lifetime value of customers.  

By leveraging Google Cloud’s global network, Voltage can satisfy user needs faster, and the following benefits:

  • Capability to serve a global audience across different regions, with initial operations in Iowa, Netherlands, and Singapore
  • Deployments on a leading cloud with superior availability and networking
  • The ability to effortlessly run a Bitcoin infrastructure close to existing workloads

Google Cloud is leading the way in supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It has shown a dedication to this new technology and is helping bring it to a global audience, while also being a leader in cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes that Voltage can leverage to easily scale its platform. By using Google Cloud, Voltage can satisfy the complex requirements that enterprise adoption requires.

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